Provide customers, central figures in our business, with support from product development to the provision of molds and personalized and excellent services.
Maintain partnership relationships with suppliers in order to integrate them into the customer/supplier chain, thus contributing to the natural fulfilment of the specifications of the goods and services purchased.
Promoting training and self-control of tasks as a way to prevent mistakes, leading to co-responsibility of workers for the work performed and encouraging them to the motto “do it right at first”.

Investing in the permanent updating of production equipment in order to keep up with technological evolution, reduce deadlines and execution costs and improve the quality of the molds produced.
Investing in the company’s growth by increasing the internal capacity to respond to growing customer requests. Consolidate our recognized quality in the manufacture of products and services, in the position of market leader.

Promote continuous improvement of the organization, manufacturing and control processes, optimizing available resources and reducing internal costs.
Promote environmental protection and support management systems, encouraging all workers in the same direction, encouraging pride in the profession and in the company they work for.
Taking full responsibility for quality commitments and results to customers, suppliers, shareholders, partners and employees.

Planitec has implemented the management system certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard by SGS.